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Scan Barcode to Basket

many customers whishes a functionality where they can order items in a fast way by scanning the barcodes from the items in their warehouse or stores.

a great feature would be a scanning addon for the webshop.

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Florian Rindberger - shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

[SANA PRODUCT] We are currently working on building a so-called “Front-end API”. For the technical people: we are implementing ReactJS as our new frontend framework. We expect to release this by the end of 2019. Having a frontend API is crucial for our first steps towards a Progressive Web App (PWA). With this PWA, we might also include a barcode scanner.


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  • Florian Rindberger - commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i would need both versions, on my opinion the customer/user can switch between the two variants

    if he uses a physical scanner (f.e. via usb) the process should look so.

    1. set focus to search filed in shop
    2. scan barcode with configured Carriage Return (= Enter) Postfix
    3. 1 item with scanned barcode will be added to the basket
    4. search field should be cleared and should be focused for next scan

    for scenario 2 i would find it cool if the customer has a little icon/button next to the search input field where he can activate the mobile phone camera, where the customer can scan via qr-code scanning.
    maybe take a look to 3rd party frameworks (= scandit)

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