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Validate ZIP code and country

The ZIP codes from a city should be validated by the ERP. The transport cost often depends on country but currently, SANA allows any ZIP code and country combination. So I have had B2C scenario's where customers selected the wrong country and payed less transport costs due to this.

1) Option to set the field zip code in SANA admin as drop down instead of text for customer registration & profile fields.

2) If this set like this in SANA, customers can only select ZIP codes based on the ZIP code table of the ERP. In this case the list of ZIP codes is also filtered based on the selected country
Note: Customers can still type in ZIP codes manually but if they type 10, the list of ZIP codes in the shop is filtered on ZIP codes starting with 10 for the selected country.

3) The option to check ZIP codes by country can be activated by country in the ERP. This in order to avoid having to load all ZIP codes for exotic countries if you ship world wide.

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Niels - IT-Solutions (EuroSys) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

[SANA PRODUCT] We have this feedback on our radar. The challenge here is that we sell Sana globally, and each country has it’s own taxonomy / rules for zip codes and cities. There are multiple third-party companies that are specialized in validating this information. Some of our customers customize Sana and implement this validation there. To what extent can ZIP code validation be done on the ERP side in your experience?

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  • Niels - IT-Solutions (EuroSys) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ZIP code validation from the side of ERP is certainly possible also. In my idea the validation itself didn't extend further then verifying if the ZIP code exists in the table of ZIP codes in the ERP system. This way, it is country independant, the zipcodes should just exist in the ERP. And with option 3, it can be deactivated for exotic countries for which you don't have the necessary info.

    But this can be expanded by verifying the ZIP code against a database with all ZIPcodes for a country. If this database can be reached through webservices (like the EU VAT check in Business Central for example) this should be possible. The trick is finding the correct databases to check against.

    The other option is to build a syntax validation (similar to VAT number format in Business central) so users can specify by country:
    BE: 4 digits
    NL: 4 digits - 2 letters
    DE: 5 digits
    US: 2 letters 5 figures-4 figures
    Still no guarantee it exists but at least the syntax is respected in the ERP system when a zip code is created.

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