Autorize.Net delayed capturing Sana Config

Your customer requires that credit card payment is not captured at order placement but later in the business process. This is commenly known as delayed capturing.

Sana functionality description:
Currently the Sana Authorize.Net module does support configuring the “CC Transaction Types”.
By default this is configured to be “Authorize and Capture”.
In order to make such a delayed capturing possible Sana can be configured to set the Authorize.Net module in “Authorize Only” mode, to not Capture the creditcard on order placement.
Instead you can go to the Authorize.Net backoffice the moment the order is shipped and capture the Credit Card manually at that time.

Sana configuration:
Add the following additional parameter in the front end web.config inside the section.
<add name="x_type"
value="AUTH_ONLY" isRequestParameter="true" />
Applies to:
Sana Commerce 7.5 and later

Additional information:

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