AX does not allow creating new records or modifying existing data in Sana Forms

After implementing the AX XPO/Model a AX user is not able to edit the Sana Menu's and functionalities in the AX client

The security privileges for AccessLevel in the Sana project are set to read. This means only AX users with a System Administrator role will be able to modify values in Sana menu's/forms for example creating an customer assortment or modifying the webshop record.

Applies to:
Sana 8.3 SP1 and earlier connected to AX2012 / AX2012 FP / AX2012 R2 / AX2012 R3

Open the Sana Commerce project in the AOT and modify the AccessLevel value to DELETE for the Entry Points of all Privileges.

Image showing the SC_WebShops Entry point with correct value for AccesLevel.

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