Clear AIF Document History

Applies to:
Sana Commerce – AX Connector with Application Integration Framework (AIF) Web services

Application Integration Framework (AIF) Web services are used to exchange documents between Microsoft Dynamics AX and other external systems.

Documents that are exchanged using AIF are related to data in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database. While exchanging the documents and data with external systems, AIF creates messages that contain XML requests and XML responses.

The documents and messages information can be viewed in the ‘Document history’ form of the Microsoft Dynamics AX: Basic -> Periodic -> Application Integration Framework -> Document history. This form can be used to track the history of documents that are transferred:

AIF Document History

In time, the AIF document history expands which leads to the database size growth. This can result in unforeseen consequences and problems may occur. Therefore, the AIF document history must be cleared from time to time.

To clear the document history, click on the ‘Clear document history’ button. This deletes all messages, documents and document correlations for messages that have the ‘Processed’ or ‘Error’ status.

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